Why USA deserves to go to hells Because they allowed their Houston police got away out of treason crime(Therefore, US Congress should make emergent law to ban entire USA police from arrestting anyone or issuing any ticket fine; USA police from now on can only help the helpless or kill the hopeless as per every police individual consciousness, no right to arrest[You 房地產r gun is for you to kill; not for you to force, to scare, to press, to threaten.] or write[you dare carry gun, you must not be allowed to update].). Those sucking Houston Police should have had arrested evil doer Jung ShiauLin and deported him immediately instead of siding him to al 買屋low him off the hook after he committed marriage treason crime further using violence to use my kitchen pot about to hit me that scared my kids to call 911 to get police to come to my Spring house, those Houston police insulted(周新桂? She was in Jung Shiau Lin's property, She was hired by Jung Sh 小型辦公室iau Lin's slaved relative or relatives[Jung Shiau Lin slaved relatives all suckers, too stupid bad ugly evil to know any military linked must not be allowed to have right to work in any private place. Not mention those so called "Y.Sheng" whatever Die linked female <so called "Y.Sheng" female, all evil doers, becau 訂做禮服se they did not like so called "Bun.Sheng" female or Japanese female to be taught the fact that female is second to male, woman is second to man##Because woman is second to man, therefore, man must always keep in mind that first class man must service the second class woman, man must not ever allow himself to be serviced by woman or any female. 住商房屋 So that he can be able to score first "Show.Sheng" point; man or male once to be serviced by female or woman, must have no way to score "Show.Sheng" point not to mention any further "7.Jacket.Zhi.Gwall.Ping.Ten.Shot". This is why your military must not allow any female to show up in any their field, no matter it is a kitchen or doctor office or hospital ##, ther 關鍵字行銷efore, they all growing up like spoil brat too stupid bad ugly evil to see their own sucks, lack of the honest eyes to hide their own shameless. Female once lose her honest eyes, must be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later. > all evil doers no matter her name is "Lain.Fun.Yu" or "Inn.7" or "Chang.I.Jacket" or "Who.Jean"..... except me. ], she dared committed treason crime to 禮服 her boss's master, she should be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later, not mention she dared see her own whatever selfish interests above her own under aged daughter to commit treason crime to her mom duty already deserved her to be killed and go to hells no chance to see day light again.) me and spared Jung Shiau Lin from deserved deported, Why? Most likely because they all underground chained 信用卡代償 slavery terrorist linked to Jung ShiauLin and his linked evil Taiwanese Chinese "Way.Food.Boot.Ren" "Jean.Chain.Won.Won.Sway" "Huang.Whore" gangsters grouped liars that linked to your evil doers politicians former head ChenSwayBen and his "Chain.Shore.Hook.Taiwan" slaves that must include "林妙齡" (281-370-6888 281-440-1988 6019 Pin 0ak Place Spring, TX 77379) "劉慕蓮" (281-587-2675 3102 Timber Village Houston, TX 77068)link 房屋買賣ed "Lion Club" or whatever Club( like 100 Club - that "林妙齡" handed a 100 US Dollar Bill to Jung Shiau Lin to tell), and "Lo Yen"(Rtn.Rose 886-2-27545174/27548354/27545202/23518406/27044737/27064048/27076091/29418218/29426551 886-9-16186091 86-21-58788880/58771141-1143/56629688ext605 86-13536502941 ) linked Rotary Club   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 室內設計  .
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