White man cannot fit the Image of God, must leave no blood behind and dry out Jack X/陳志?/劉歡/劉至翰/周潤發 killed himself instead of doing the duty to kill all white trash sucked inside Taiwan; because his dad's White, his mom's prostitute, th 居酒屋erefore, he has no way to be son of bitch but white trash. That how you must not allow any your Chinese woman to give birth that has white blood, because Chinese fem 租屋ale volunteer to have sex with white man to give birth, must be evil doer, no way to be bitch. White is the race of "Inn.Sin", therefore, White man has no way to do "Tea.Ten.Sin.Dow" 婚禮佈置 duty to fit the Image of God; that how NATO and USA military all commit the crime "Chen.10.Boot.Drew.Bi.10.Yo.Yu" in Indai, in China, in Taiwan, in Middle East, in Afgh, in Japan around the world; that how even 土地買賣the military of Russia or USSR committed suicide to kill themselves deepest under the sea instead of doing the duty to nuclear the entire Continent of America. The difference of the committed suicides between Jack X/陳志?/劉歡/劉至翰/ 21世紀房屋仲介周潤發 and Russia military is Jack X/陳志?/劉歡/劉至翰/周潤發 did or does leave words to some powerful forceful one that unknown by me how Condi Rice/"胡茵禎" has abused US superpowerful for her personal fun/gain/gang, while those suicided Russia mi 個人信貸litry sinked all secrets under that deepest darkest sea along with their dead body no way to trace up; that can tell you how suck that Bush senior and Bush junior must be, too suck to see had Condi Rice indeed a good spy, she must have no way to show up or off her white tie,not me 面膜ntion to brag her Bush link to fear, eat all Taiwanese slaves bonelessly, she could not even be a good Chinese woman, how dare you think she could be a good spy, how dare you think she could be good winner, not mention to be good loser. White man, you cannot fit the Image of God(that may explain ho 情趣用品w come that sucking Obama must wearing black face to cover up his sucking white trash tie and playing that slave role along with liar Bill Clinton and his co-liar Hillary Clinton to fool you sucking evil Chinese to lie down),  you must not allow any female to got pregnant out of you, not mention to leave your sperm 保濕面膜to make more sucking white tubed form, not mention to leave any your sucking white blood behind; do your duty to dry out all your sucking white blood like that sucking Bush junior told you "Leave no Blood behind". .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店工作  .
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