Kennedy's death draws bipartisan salute; Rare moment of unity in Washington... [Kennedy's death draws bipartisan salute; Rare moment of unity in Washington... ] They are all liars, they cannot be good loser, the 賣房子y cannot be good winner, US military should kill them all for the best off of themself, for better off of the rest of the world; if US military cannot have the guts to kil 酒店兼職l them all, they need to nuclear the entire continent of America to help the good remaining of we the people can have more good chance to come again to get our next life better hope to be bett 太平洋房屋er. Liar cannot have the honest heart to learn better, you just need to see how Angus Tung (They did not kill him because they seen him corrupted by sex, they know he's coward because he had sex with out 帛琉of his birth cycle female dressed animals like Danny Lain 周治平 did or/and does) wasted his talent falling down, you just need to see how Leslie 張 (They killed him because they seen him like me uncorruptable to money power sex, the 賣屋refore, they tooled him as a test before they indeed launched that same invisible nuclear weapon to kill me invisibly, because that tested successfully killed Leslie 張, therefore, they did the same tried to kill me but to their surprised they faile 關鍵字行銷d.) forgot his best talk from his own played role(That how you must not speak any narrow minded Chinese dialect, no matter you call it Cantonese or "Mean.Nun.What" or "Curse.Job.What". You speak narrow minded dialect, you have no way to know how to break the ceiling to have 澎湖民宿 your own free fly light.)to figure it out, not mention money power sex corrupts, those sucking evilest Washington only know how to cheat how to phony how to eat how to gang how to lie how to be cold cold hard, no way to care anyone else but their own deep dark endless big hole, you just need 酒店打工 to see how JungShiauLin esten me bonelessly instead of care his own duty keep his own promise to figure those sucking Washington's lie. You have to have the righteous guts to kill them all, otherwise, you have no right to kill anyone in any place, no matter you call it Taiwan or Tibet or Taliban, because you do 膠原蛋白 business with Washington, you seat in U.N.floor, you have no right to see those richest powerful "Way.Food.Boot.Ren" "10.去.Ren.Sin" like nothing, not mention to side and have any business to do with anyone of them. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 澎湖民宿  .
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